Customer Care


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  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Theory

    – Contents –

  • Introduction to your Course

  • Understanding customer service from a client’s perspective

  • Attitude and Aptitude – Definitions of attitude and aptitude

  • Understanding the Four Personality Types

  • Identifying Your Own Personality Type

  • Determining your Personal Vision/Approach.

  • Accountability – What is “The Choice”?

  • Accountability – What is “The Choice”? (continued)

  • The Reflective Diary

  • Consider Your Power

  • Meeting, Greeting, and Cultural Awareness

  • Communication Starts with the Ability to Listen

  • Positive Speech

  • Professional Acknowledgements

  • Identifying the Hard Skills Required for the Job

  • Identifying the Hard Skills Required for the Job (continued)

  • – Outcome –

  • At the end of this workshop learners will have mastered the art of communicating positively and without barriers, and be able to effectively assist and support customers to their business.